Thank you to everyone who has helped me along my personal journey in recovery and also anyone who has helped or reached out on the Facebook group.

We have an epidemic and we are the only ones who can stop it.

Special Thanks to: Jeanie Hurst, Derrick Czerwin, Rebecca Foss, Kelli Hammons, Tammy Brown, Jessica Vance, Jessi Skinner, Sandra Whitehill for birthing me, Debbie Smith, Gabby Havens and her parents Brian and Sherry and Savannah Havens, James Arnold, Larry Schaaf, Tracy Harris, Bonnie Rayner, Tegan Jones, Jen Newman, Jessica Mort, Ashley Tashina, Alex Stull, Danielle and Kirk Roberts, Chad Merrill, Kaela Sellers, Amy Hershey, The clients and employees at House of Beauty, Ashley White, Daniella Tovar, Jesse Valiente, Robin Huber, Damien Zarkowski, Robin Higginbotham, Claudia Gibson, Chantali Farabee, Arielle Rose, Josh Brohart, Stacey West, Grandma Betty, Kelsey (my sis), Tiffany Woosley, Emily Carey, Gayle Bresson, Baker Chiropractic, Woodhaven, Susan Davis, Pete McKinnis, Wendy Alexander, Jennifer Smoker, Donna Metz, Rhonda and Doug Songer, Casey Thompson, Kim Morrison, Josie Marshall, Lindsey and Allie Enderle, Bible Baptist Church, Pastor Wallace Miller, Sara Miller, Kelly Moorehead, Stephanie Martin, Alli Brennan, Jen Younginger, Luxe, Brian Herrin, Stacey Wiggins, Wendy Krauss, Cass Blue, Ashley Isaacs, Stephen Phillips, Laura Cline, Cheryl Haws, CAT, Casey Kammer, Carline Dayton, Chang, AJ, Tianna Hunley, Nikki Boller, so many many more.. I'll add later.

THANK YOU all of you!!