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​​My name is Christopher Skinner and I am the founder of Rockstar Recovery. It all started with an idea and a passion to help other struggling addicts enjoy the benefits and beauty of life in Recovery. Rockstar Recovery began on September 14, 2015 as a Facebook group that was created by addicts FOR addicts and also made up of family and friends to show support. Some of the members of Rockstar Recovery are true miracles in the recovery movement who love to show their support and offer experience, strength, and hope to addicts both in recovery and in active addiction. We love to help active addicts into treatment, where they can embark on the first steps of their recovery. We do not judge! I, myself, am a recovering addict who found relief and freedom from opiate and benzo addiction on July 17, 2014 when I checked myself into rehab. Now, I give the gift of hope back along with thousands of others like myself because we can't keep what we have without giving it back. Our mission is to raise awareness, increase prevention, end the stigma, help reduce overdose numbers, assist the families of the addict and end the ignorance associated with the disease of addiction. Almost every household in America has been affected by the disease of addiction in one shape or form. Ohio is at the forefront of this war on drugs and we are providing many resources for those in need to expedite this process of getting help and staying clean. WE DO RECOVER FOLKS! TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK!
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Below are some beautiful miracles within the recovery community who have been gracious enough to share with the world some of their personal experience, strength, and hope. I cannot express how grateful I am to have these lovely Rockstars as a part of the recovery community and how thankful I am for each of them! 
Pastor Mark's Journey

I can't... HE can... I am glad I let HIM!

24 years ago on December 17, 1991 I finally took the first 3 steps that saved my life…I finally admitted that …I can’t,… He can, (AND DOES!)… Thanks God for letting me! 24 years of blessed sobriety.
“You will lose the old life to find one much better.” Big Book pg 120 “everything connected with that old way of life has to go. And then take on an entirely new way of life a God-fashioned life, a life renewed from the inside and working itself into your conduct as God accurately reproduces his character in you.” Ephesians 4:-24

Thank you God, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Salvation Army for showing me a new freedom and way of living based upon a spiritual tool kit freely given.  

24 years ago I was a broken man, addicted to methamphetamines and a hopeless alcoholic. In jail again for my 12th DUI, I was to be sent to prison. I was 30 years old and had estranged everyone from me in my life.
As I stared into the piece of tin that serves as a jail house mirror I suddenly realized that I no longer knew this person staring back at me. I got on my knees, and said the only prayer I could at the time, “God help me.” Things began to change immediately.
My cellmate kept inviting me to the AA meetings and until that day I never wanted to attend. The meeting started with a very short man who was not in jail jumping up on a table and shouting, “If you guys keep on doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting!” It was the shortest AA meeting I have ever attended because that was all I heard.
I began reading the AA Big Book, and attending the meetings along with the Christian Overcomers Outreach program. ​After a few weeks, I went for my prison sentencing, but my Public Defender did not show up.
Two weeks later I went again to be sentenced and the Prosecutor did not show up. It would be six more weeks in jail before I would be sentenced to prison.
I stayed active in AA and in the Christian fellowship Overcomers Outreach.  My heart changed because Jesus was my Savior and I finally accepted the fact that I had to change and that my behaviors had gotten me here and I must pay the consequences. 
When I finally went to court to be sentenced, there was a different judge on the bench and he shared a letter that was written, on my behalf, by an anonymous member of AA telling him I was changing and asking him to give me a chance at a rehab program instead of prison.
The judge stopped the sentencing and asked me if I would like to spend six months at the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Sacramento, California. I knew that God had heard my cry for help and that I needed to keep following Him! I willingly went to the Salvation Army.
They loved me until I could learn to love myself. I threw myself into learning about God and became active in AA and in serving the homeless and addicted. I was awarded a scholarship to go back to college and got my Human Services as well as my CADC counseling certificates for drugs and alcohol. I began running the Phase 1 recovery programs for Salvation Army and helped to manage the homeless shelter.  Through my quest for lasting sobriety in AA I met my beautiful angel Tami, who allowed this strange man with a pony tail who worked at the homeless shelter and rode a bicycle to fall in love with her and eventually marry her.
God gave us His gift in Kai, 16 years ago. We have traveled this journey together now for 20 years and have had ups and downs like we all do, but NO MATTER WHAT we have loved God and one another without a drink or a drug.
For the past 24 years the Lord has placed homeless, hopeless, addicted, and spiritually hurting people in my path. I have found my passion for serving others through working with those who struggle with the very things I have faced and overcome in my life. ​ ​ In my walk with the Lord, trying to be the best example of Jesus that I can be, I have started many groups based on the 12 spiritually based steps that AA uses that came from the Bible. I have also worked with many individuals to help them overcome the hurts, hurdles, and hang-ups that keep them in emotional and spiritual pain, blocking off the healing spirit of the Lord.
​I have learned in my journey that we can only truly heal when we share our gifts and help others.  “Each of you has received a gift to use to serve others. Be good servants of God's various gifts of grace.” 1 Peter 4:10
Over the years I have helped others as a part of their healing and helping journey to learn to work with the homeless, hurting, and helpless by sharing God’s grace through humble and helpful service projects.
I have formed solid and productive relationships with many organizations in the greater Phoenix area in my quest to serve others.
Over the years this has developed into a ministry that I have built with my wife and daughter, along with many friends who share our passion to serve and help those who are not as blessed as we are right now.
For the past 24 years I have lived one day at a time looking to serve and help. God saved me from alcoholism and addiction and taught me to be free through serving others. 
I believe in and truly try to live what the Bible promises that it is through giving to others that we receive. God has given me more than I ever deserved. The Big Book has taught me that Faith without works is dead. The least I can do is to try daily to pay Him back through serving others.

Thank you Jesus for saving me! Thank God for the Salvation Army, my church families over the years that have helped me to realize my role in God’s story, and Alcoholics Anonymous! Today I am an Ordained Pastor for the Church of God Anderson.

 I have founded Faith Through Works Fellowship. www.FaithThroughWorksFellowship.org ​
Through this nonprofit ministry I will continue my mission and further God’s work to help those in need. Please come and join me as we seek to share our gifts from God through serving and helping others. ​​​​

Let the blessings roll!

Pastor Mark Farley

​I've been clean and sober almost 3 1/2 years now after a 26 year meth addiction.. I've lost many people to alcohol and drugs since I got free and I just keep sharing what works for me so that even if I touch one person and they get into recovery then it has been worth speaking out. I also admin for 3 online recovery groups and I sponsor women who reach out and want a better life..I am truly blessed to have this life today, because I know if I had continued down the other road I would be homeless on the street, back in prison or dead somewhere.. That is no life... God bless to all those who are struggling. I continue to keep you in my prayers..

Julie Massey

Dan Workman
Hello... Im Brian Herrin, im also a recovering addict. I got so bad I lost most of my friends, my family most of all I lost myself. I turned into something I hated. Once I got so far gone I didn't know how to find my way back. I thought rehab and meetings were a joke. I thought I was on my own. I tried everything in my power to change on my own including leaving the woman I loved. She was an addict too. I would make it a month or two then I would find myself with a needle in my arm wondering how I was that stupid! I still remember the look on my boys faces when I would send them home so I could get high or cook dope. I didn't understand why I couldn't just stop using. I didn't understand I had a disease that was controlling me. I turned into a real piece of shit. I hated myself and everyone around me. I became very violent. I lost control of myself. I was so fed up with my life I didn't care if I lived or died.I got on my knees one night and begged God to help me. To save me from my addiction. I told Him I didn't care if I went to prison or even if He took my life.... It wasn't long after that prayer my life and several others were changed forever. A beautiful little boy was almost killed at my house.... I cry everytime I think about it. He is the reason I will never get high again. I know everyone in my hometown knows about what happened. At least to some extent. That was over 3 years ago. I would die today to change that night but I can't... All I can do is continue to do what I am doing. Stay clean and do the next right thing. So this is just a little shot of hope to those that are at the place I was at.. I made it. I am clean today. I will be clean tomorrow, even next year. I'm not being cocky, i'm confident. I am not a piece of shit today. There is hope. 

Brian Herrin
text or call anytime
​​Hi, my name is Robin Huber. I am a recovering addict since 03/27/09 . My choice of drug was crack and cocaine. I was playing around with it because never been around drugs . And thought I was the big head chick who could buy throw out to my so called Friends .was not thinking of no one but myself . Going to crack houses didn't even know or every knew what a crack house . I got used and abused because I had the money to spend . So I was nice thinking these people were just some loving friends. Well, they weren't . I hurt my family. Made my mother come pick me up because I had been up for days . The shame I had and guilt; seeing her cry was unbearable. But, did it over and over.
She would find me . I would promise her never to do it again. When I lost my father, it got worse . I always used an excuse to use or would be asked where my money went and why I needed to borrow fifty or a hundred dollars to make it until payday. I tried to hide it . They knew. But drugs make you not yourself you will lie, steal, anything. I am sharing this because I was so close to God and was making choices that led me to stray away from him . So, I said no more . I got on my knees, asked for forgiveness and prayed my family would have trust in me, once again . My life is so awesome now . I am giving back my nightmare to all of you . That one time can and WILL destroy every aspect of your life . Don't get in with the wrong crowd, one time can lead to 29 years or even to death . I have seen old drug buddies dead now from overdose . God is my Rock and yes I fight everyday. Somedays when I am down and I feel the desire to use, i know that God will take it away. I will stay sober, do work for God, and help people that need help like we all did. Peace  love  stay sober.  Hugs, Robin Huber.

Robin Huber

Carline Dayton
My life, consisted of living with an addict. Well, until I had became one myself. I was the non addict, for many years, that one who had no idea that this is a disease, I didn't take the time to learn, more or less took the time to understand why my children's father, did what he did, after all "if you loved me" right?  It took life to set some pretty harsh changes in direction for me to begin to see and understand. My children's father, went to prison. I,  who had never been alone in my life, since I had married young, was forced to do so, and hit a hard journey of depression, my son wasn't a year old at the time, I hit hard with absoultley no idea how to begin to move forward with my life. I then began to have back problems, couldn't move or more or less chose not to. I quickly began my journey of addiction, to painkillers (opiates), absoultley anything I asked for I received. The medical doctors said " well if you don't have surgery in a year, you'd be confined to a wheelchair ". So as time passed,my children began to see me, either sick or I simply had no motivation to move, they begged me to seek help, appartently the mom they grew up with was no longer the one they came to know, because of them I sought treatment, ( again still in depression mode that of which I was never diagnosed with)  went into treatment, there I began to be me again, I began to get happy, I completely stopped hurting, (never had back surgery by the way) I became motivated again by life and my children, those kids never once gave up on me and stood by me, forever grateful for them.. I took relationship classes (counseling)  I was that codependent, living in a toxic relationship, who has now learned that being by herself is alright, and freedom to express myself in so many areas that I have passion for. It took that dark place to get me where I am again today, I haven't sought a relationship in years only one with myself and my children. I help others because I was there on so many levels, my kid's gave me a chance, that is something I choose to pay forward and I probably will the rest of my life, it completes me, when I do.




Ashley Isaacs
Hello, my name is Jessica Vance. You might ask well why is someone here that hasn't had a problem with addiction here. Even though I have never  had a problem with drugs or alcohol, addiction  has impacted my life tremendously. From what I have seen growing up and continously see now I know I want more than anything to help end this epidemic. I know God has put it on my heart to help  and that's exactly what I am going to do. I have seen addiction  ruin families, relationships, friendships and  marriages. I have seen addiction take the most successful person and turn them into someone they thought they would never be. The disease of addiction doesn't care who you are it will take you but I am here to help you take your life back. Each and every person deserves to live free from it. I
love each and everyone of you and will be here to help you every step of the way take your life back. If you need to contact me  please find my information under the contact us section.

Jessica Vance
My name is Debbie Smith and I’d like to share with you why I’m here. Addiction touches families in a variety of different ways, and leaves destruction in its path.  Although I haven’t personally had a problem with drugs and/or alcohol, many of my family members have. My son is in recovery and I lost a dear niece to the disease in 2012.  This epidemic wreaks havoc on so many families. I have always had a passion for helping others, and actually studied in the field of addiction. I am a certified stress-relief coach. I have previously had the opportunity to be employed at the Life Learning Center, where I taught comprehensive life learning classes and coached numerous adults who were struggling to achieve living a life of purpose.  Through teaching these classes, I’ve had the opportunity to create my own purpose statement. It reads as follows:  My purpose is to use my empathy, insight, and good listening skills, in concert with my passion for understanding human behavior, to help others realize their true, authentic selves.
I coach with a listening ear and guidance for those willing to take their lives back.  If you would like to contact me for life coaching, please find my information under the contact us section.

Debbie Smith
My husband, Tom and I were high school sweethearts. We married a few years after high school and started a family! We were blessed with a beautiful daughter Sydney (now 16) and son Kaine (now 12) and our triplets that were taken to heaven before they ever entered this world. We were living the American Dream.
We had a beautiful family , beautiful home, great jobs ,nice cars, motorcycle etc.., We lived in a great neighborhood, had lots of friends, coached our kids sports teams. We were your typical family next door. 
I started taking pain pills due to an injury, and at the age of 35 I was introduced to heroin. My husband had a serious back injury and took pain pills for many years. We both went from pain pills to shooting up heroin.
It can happen to anyone at any age! Within a few years our life was falling apart. We ended up losing everything.. our home, cars, jobs, and even friends. We were at rock bottom. Our daughter had been praying that God would help us and told us we had a choice to either get help or we would no longer have contact with them (our kids). That was a year ago.
We decided that we had to make a change, we could no longer live with our addiction. It had taken everything except our lives and our children from us. God reached down into the pit of our hell and saved us. We choose to get help immediately. I went to the Darlene Bishop Home for life and my husband went to Josh Willis program at the Good Samaritan Inn (Now known as the Genesis program.)
They are both faith based non-medication residential treatment programs. We dedicated our lives to Jesus Christ and he has saved our entire family. We are now celebrating 19 years of Marriage!
We are all four active members of Solid Rock Church (Monroe Ohio) and will forever be grateful to the DBHL staff and our church family. And to our loving family and friends that prayed for us.
Jesus Christ is the reason we are alive today. God has blessed our family with a new home, a car, we both have jobs , and so many other things. I have battled Lymphoma/ Thyroid cancer and God is taking care of me every step! It is truly amazing what God has done for us. What the devil intended to kill us, God will use for our good! He will restore everything the devil stole from us! It is my passion to help as many addicts as we can to know that there is another way and his name is Jesus! It is a daily struggle but with Jesus ALL things Are possible !

Thank you! 15 months clean on December 5, 2016


Tom (Bub) & Stacey Wiggins
Hi, my name is Laurie Westbroks and I'm an alcoholic addict who has been clean and sober for five years now! I woke up after a weekend binge of crack cocaine and beer and didn't look back! I know if it wasn't for AA I would have relapsed a long time ago. I was a dry drunk for three years then I moved out to Las Vegas where I got serious and involved in the program! I moved into a sober living home and we were required to do ninety and ninety, plus volunteer work. I got an awesome sponsor who really took time out to get me through my steps. Today, I am happy in my own apartment. I just gave a lead today, it was my first one in Cleveland Ohio in some years. 

Laurie Westbroks

Hi, my name is derrick and I am a recovering addict. I guess you could say I've always had a rough life since birth. I was born with a condition called hydrocephalus, its where I have water on my brain, I have a shunt and a tube through my stomach that drains the water off my head, the shunt makes my head abnormal when I started school.
I was always being made fun of and called names like water head or tower of terror so from elementary I was pretty depressed up until ninth grade. Ninth grade is when I started partying with friends, drinking different alcohols and when I graduated in 08 I partied with friends much as I could, every chance I had to get my hands on money even if I had to steal it.

When I was 16 I believe I realized I was attracted to the same sex. I tried to come out to my parents, they was furious at me. They told me I was lying and my friends were putting things in my head. I would have my friend's parents buy me alcohol. I would hide it in my room or stay with friends and party, anything I could do to escape from reality.

I got with this guy who I thought was everything; turns out he was a user and an addict as well. I stayed with him for three months until one night we were at the bar, partying and I caught him talking to other people on his phone. He denied it, and said they were just friends. He got up and walked out the door. I sat there crying. I don't even remember how I got home that night to be honest.
I spent what money I had that night getting shitfaced boy o boy that was a mess I stayed with a friend and cried myself to sleep I woke up the next day throwing up not knowing where I was with cold shakes and sweats. I went into anxiety attacks and it scared the shit out of me.

After we broke up I really never got over him. I partied some more for awhile. I would lock myself in my room staying away from friends and family, up until about the end of august or close to it. Then, in September I had to make myself shape up or I was gonna die. I was having health problems (seziures, headaches.) I reached out to my closest friends and they talked to me and supported me every step of the way. In September I stepped up and made myself fight the urge, I still struggle daily but meetings, groups, my sponsor, and support system help me stay clean. Today, I am clean since September 5th 2015 and I haven't felt better. I still struggle but I worry only just for today.. 


Derrick Czerwin
Okay, I'm going to attempt to keep this short. I grew up mostly with my father, because by the time I was in 5th grade I was terrorizing my mother. My father was and is an extremely heavy drinker and as far back as I can remember a heavy pot smoker as well, both of which  I was exposed to non stop. I don't blame my father for the fact that I developed into a drug and alcohol addict I guess it was just simply in my blood. Anyways I started smoking marijuana and about 10 11 years old and by the time I was fifteen was doing acid and drinking just about anytime and I could.
I got in a lot of trouble as a juvenile and eventually got to the point where the judge is going to certify me. He locked me up in juvenile behavioral Correctional Facility sentenced for 3 months, I did 11 months.
Upon my release at my graduation ceremony my father stood up and asked if I was cured to which the facilitator responded that by law he could keep me until I was 21 years old and that if he did so I would only leave there meaner than I already was; basically I knew right from wrong that's what he was saying I just chose not to do right. I did graduate from high school and then went on to the Navy I got in trouble for drugs in the Navy and was ordered to attend NA meetings which I refuse to do and then the end through fighting with my Senior Chief Petty Officer I was thrown out of the Navy. I rambled through my twenties hanging iron which I started doing in 1991 basically just being a general asshole. Had gotten married at 25, but of course that didn't matter I still slept with anyone and everyone and continued partying drinking and drugging . At about 30 years old I left my wife and son for another woman, moved to Pittsburgh,  got into the Ironworkers union,  still partying constantly. Shortly thereafter I started selling a lot of drugs to the point that I quit working, which for me is very odd as I am in extreme workaholic I have been my whole life I was raised that as long as you were working anything you wanted to do and we're big enough and bad enough to do just don't cry when the consequences came. I quit working because it was getting in the way of me selling drugs I was selling alot of drugs. Right around this time I also had a hernia surgery I was supposed to stay in the hospital as it didn't go as well as planned they thought butt I refuse to stay so I left with a prescription for Percocet, which I ate over that weekend I was then given oxcotin,  as they were then thought to be none addictive. ..you all know where it went a friend introduced me to the true love of my life , heroin! By Dec 23 2002 I was in jail on three-quarters of a million dollars bond suspected of 57 pharmacy burglaries. By the grace of God I only got convicted of 3 of them and various drug charges in 5 western Pennsylvania countries and ended up doing a little over 5 years in prison. This is where I have to stop and say God had to have plans for me, I was completely insane carrying firearms everywhere I went, thanks to God I never killed anyone. In prison,  after some time my head began to clear . Tho I never counted jail time as clean time I stayed 100% clean. After prison I got heavy into na and aa, with several home groups ...I worked the steps, got into service...did the next  right thing never putting anything into my body. At one point I did 7 meeting a week for almost a year...got to almost 7 years clean....but I got full of myself quit going to meetings,  didn't use , at first, worked 90 hours a week...then my gorilla, struck back hardcore....I relapsed a extremely nasty relapse for over a year banging dope till I could see straight, died twice...here is that God's plan neither time did they call 911, my so called friends but they did save my life both times. Oct 5th 2016 I was driving on the freeway  so high I was actually confused yet I pulled to the side and hit my knees and begged God to take me then or release me for this addiction. ..he did not take me, and the only way I know to stay clean is to get involved in NA and AA. October 6th 2016 is my new clean date I'm Jack a gratefully recovering addict and today I did not put anything in me.

Jack Wiltseys

Kelli Hammons
My name is Kelli. I am a grateful recovering addict. I would like to take this time to share my story in hopes that it would show that we do recover. I started using heroin in 2010. It started because pain pills were getting to expensive. I was an IV user for over 2 years. People ask me all the time "Why you Kelli?" To me heroin was an escape from my emotions.
   I had lost my children in February of 2010, I was prostituting myself out to pay for my addiction, I was a liar, a manipulator, and everything else one could imagine. Heroin became my lover, my best friend. We had a love hate relationship. In the beginning I was functional and able to maintain my bills, and still able to work. That didn't last too long. I was self destructing right before my friends and family's eyes.
    On august 3,2012, I took my last shot. I shot 4.5 grams of heroin and mixed it will crack and didn't get high. I decided then it was time to end this relationship. My best friend was taking everything from me. I took myself to the hospital and for the first time ever I was honest about my relationship with Heroin. At first they was going to send me home. All glory be to God, the nurse I had was a recovering alcoholic. He told the caseworker that if I went home I would just use until I die. It was a divine appointment.
    I spent 10 days in the critical care unit of the psyche ward. Detox was hell. The nurses had never really dealt with this type of situation before,however, they treated me with love and kindness. On the 10th day I finally seen the doctor. I thought detox was hell, it was nothing compared to what he was about to tell me. Of course i already knew i was an addict, but never in a million years did I think I was on my death bed. I was told that I had Hepatitis C, not just one type but 2. He then told me that he felt I knew how to handle the situation and handed my discharge papers.

    I left there scared and not knowing what I was going to do. After some deep mediation, I decided that I had things I needed to work on. Things that I had held deep inside for so long. I signed up for therapy and worked on Kelli. Everything that I had shoved deep in the back of my mind, i let out. I finally learned to love myself. I didn't need that destructive relationship with heroin anymore. I took the mask off and started living, forgiving, and loving.
    After therapy came the doctors for the Hepatitis. I couldn't believe what the doctor found in my liver biospy. I had early stage 3 of liver disease. It was chronic and treatment was definitely necessary. After being clean for a year, He finally decided to do the treatment. I had to do the old treatment, which was horrible. I just looked at it as that was my consequence for putting that garbage in my body. The treatment was 6 months long. It was well worth it.
    Today, I am clean. Today I am hepatitis free. Today I have my children and a wonderful husband. Today I am not homeless, I have a nice house and car. Today I love myself. Today I am here to tell you that there is always hope. Today I have a great relationship with God, my higher power. Today I am here to turn my mess into a message. Today I am here to tell you recovery is possible. Today I am here to spread hope and love to those who are still sick and suffering.


​Hello, my name is Stephanie Martin and I am an addict. This story of mine is very hard for me to tell because I still deal with a lot of guilt, but it has made me who I am today so.. here I go. I was raised in Goshen, Ohio by both my parents. I was a decent student in school. I got a long with everyone and I enjoyed the company of my peers. I was your cheerleader, softball player, volunteered for stats for basketball and volleyball from the age of 8-16. My mom worked at a doctors office and my dad was disabled so he was home a lot. I started hanging around a few older friends around the age of 12 which is when I tried marijuana and alcohol for the first time. And shortly after that I was seeking cigarettes everyday after school back in my woods. I had started getting in trouble in school but my dad didn't care much and my mom was always working so I wasn't disciplined very much for my poor actions. By the time I was 16, I had already been suspended numerous times for fighting and quit all my sports activities. I started experimenting with acid and mushrooms on a regular basis and things started getting worse. I got pregnant at age 17 and miscarried at 11 weeks and got pregnant again at age 18 and ended up not graduating from school. I was very sick and almost died having my son. November 2001 my son was born Dylan, was 3 pounds 6 oz. And born 9 weeks early. I had broke up with my oldest sons dad and that's when my life took a turn for the worse. Being a parent to a sick baby and being young it was so overwhelming that I was trying to find things to take my mind off of what was important and about 6 months later I met a man named Mike who introduced me to methamphetamine. It was fun!! I felt on top of the world. Everything was going so fast that I wasn't realizing the dangers I was putting my self in. I was leaving my son with my mom a lot so I could run around and get high and my parents had no clue. About a year later I started dating Mike and I was trying to build us a family even though I was still using and not to long after that he went to jail. I got sober!! When he got out, I got pregnant with my 2nd oldest son Charlie. he was born November 2004.Things we're good for almost a year and I found out Mike had been using Meth behind my back and was cheating in me. So.. I thought if I started using again that he would come back to me and my kids which he did but was in and out and here I picked my old habit back up. I didn't have a job or any kind of income so I started selling Meth. I was stealing things that would help make it to give to my cook to get better deals and before I knew it I was paying other drug addicts with dope to watch my kids while I was out hussling. Admitting these things is very hard for me!!! [😢]  This went on for about 2 years and I lost my apartment and ended up moving back in with my parents shortly after Mike went back to jail. I decided to get clean again!! I got a job and was taking care of my boys like a mother is supposed to do and things we're getting better. Mike got released from jail a year later and he was even staying sober living with me at my parents and we decided to get a place of our own. Then we got married June 2008. we ended up moving to the town that we used to do drugs in and people started coming around again. We both thought since it had been a while since we used that maybe one time of getting high again wouldn't hurt anything but we was wrong. We was back right where we was when we stopped the last time. Dealing Meth and using everyday!! I found out I was pregnant again August 2009 and Mike left me again and this time he didn't come back. But I didn't stop using til right before my son Nick was born. I had Nick April 2010 and as I was sitting in the recovery room after having my son, my friend comes to see me and had Meth on her and I did it. Children services had came in the hospital to drug test me because Nick had failed a drug test for THC and I failed as well for THC and I was really surprised I didn't fail for meth as well so I stayed clean for about 2 months just long enough to get Children Services off my back and picked up using Meth again that next day. My best friends brother got released from prison(for making Meth) July 2010 and we started dating. Jon was a good guy who loved his family and that's what I was looking for considering I had 3 kids and by my self. Right before Christmas that year I got Jon getting high on Meth again because I knew I would have an endless supply of dope once he started making it again. February 2011 we both started shooting up. I loved it!!! I wanted to do it everyday all day because the addiction to the needle was at times worse than my addiction to the drug. I couldn't shoot my self up and I always had to have Jon help me. I was hiding it from all my family until one night my dad came over and I had needles laying out on my table and my dad asked me what I was doing. I was embarrased! But to my surprise my dad asked Jon to get him a shot ready and I about died. My dad started using Meth with us hiding it from my mom. I remember times when i would fall asleep with a needle in my hand and wake up to my youngest son who was not even a year old yet holding on to my needle and freaking out crying because I was so ashamed!! I remember thinking that God hated me!! Why was I so bad off and making Meth in the sane house my kids we're in and not stopping!! I hated my self and wanted to die!! One night I took the side of the tower off my hard drive tower and I wrote on it, Dear God, Please give me strength to turn away my evils and be my children's guidance all their lives. I'm at my weakest right now and I don't have control anymore. I will give my life! I put the side of my tower back on my hard drive and forgot all about it until the day God answered my prayers. On April 1, 2012 my door got kicked in and me & Jon was arrested and children services put my 3 kids in Foster care. 11 days later we got released on bond and I found out I was pregnant with our daughter Nova. I was so scared and still addicted and had to report to my probation officer once a week and was started using again. I started going to Clermont Recovery Center and kept failing drug test while early in my pregnancy and I asked my counselor to get me into inpatient rehab because I was Sick and Tired of using!! I wanted my kids back!! I wanted to have a healthy baby and keep my baby. My last day of use was July 17th 2012. I git admitted to Xenia Women's Recovery 2 days later. Jon was still using and eventually I stopped him from visiting me because he would come see me high. I came across a song that I would listen to everyday in treatment. Sick and Tired by Cross Canadian Ragweed. I still cry to this day every time I hear that song. About 2 months later I was released from treatment and got sentenced to probation and Jon finally went to prison November 2012 which gave me the chance to get my life back, get my kids back. I had our daughter December 2012 and Children Services came to the hospital and took my daughter from me and placed her with my sons. I vowed that day that I was going to get my life back and I turned everything over to God!!! I was given a book in treatment called Battle fields of the mind by Joyce Meyer and I started reading that book over and over again. It helped me retrain my brain to think like a " normal person" again. I had used Meth for so long that I had forgot how to live sober. April 2013 my dad died which was one of the worse things I had to deal with being sober. But I didn't relapse! I stayed clean and working and finally got on my feet enough to where I got a place of my own and by Gods grace I got back custody of kids on July 23, 2013. Cps didn't think my income was enough to take care of my kids and pay bills so I was determined to prove them wrong and got a job making $10.58 an hour August 2013 and my life was changing for the better everyday. I had to learn to be a mom again. I had to learn how to have patience with them and get them on a normal family routine which I never done before. It was like I was reborn and everything was all new to me. Cps finally closed my case December 2013. Since then I still have the same job 3 years later and now I make $16.08 an hour and have been clean for over 4 years. God saved my life!! He heard my cries!! Me and Jon are still together. He git released from prison July 2015 and he has stayed cleaned. He still tells me that I helped save his life by getting my life back. My daughter will be 4 next month and I'm so blessed that I have made it this far in recovery. I spent many night crying thanking God for answering my prayers because now I am the guidance my children need. My kids are growing, healthy, active in sports all year around and it's because I gave it all to the good Lord up above. This is my story.

Stephanie Martin

Jessi Skinner

I grew up in a family of alcoholics and addicts. Drug & alcohol abuse was all around my brother and I and unfortunately it was just normal to us. Our father died when I was just 6 of drunk driving and that is something to this day at 31 years old still hurts & something I think I will never get over but I have learned to live with. During our teenage years my brother and I both experimented with drugs/alcohol and did quite a bit of partying. Addiction and alcoholism runs in our family like I said so unfortunately my brother didn't grow out of it as easily as I did. I kind of just realized with God's help,  if I wanted any type of a good life, I was going to have to quit partying and get my crap together, so I did. My brother continued to party and got arrested a few times and a few DUI's and a few car wrecks. I watched him become more and more addicted to the pain pills every car wreck that he got into.... The person that my brother then turned into during his opiate addiction was someone that I did not know. It was extremely hard to learn how to support my brother and be there for him but not enable him.  I took my brother into my home when his addiction got the best of him and his life and took everything from him and he was homeless. Everyone else had kind of thrown their hands up but I remembered who my brother was before the damn pills ever came into his life. We would laugh and joke all of the time, he was a super big goofball but he had a great heart and he was always there for me growing up. There was not one point in my life where my brother turned his back on me and I was not about to turn mine on him. I had already lost my Dad to this disease and I was not about to lose my brother. Chris's addiction got so bad that I would not let my children go down into the basement in the morning where he was living until I went down there first. I had to go down there every day to check and make sure he was alive and breathing because I didn't want my kids to walk in and find him dead. Every single day of my life I was terrified I would pray every night for God to let him live and for him to get the strength he needed to get help and get sober. One day that happened. Chris overdosed in my basement and almost died and then shortly after that he went to treatment on his own. I knew when he decided to go on his own that this was it and I had faith in him that he could stay sober. I was his biggest supporter and I drove him to any meeting and everything he needed when he got home from rehab. All I kept telling him was just take this day by day it took you a long time to screw up your life the way you did so it's going to take a long time before it's the way you want it to be. And looking at him now I can't help but to cry as I write this but not the way I would cry a few years ago. I'm so proud of my brother and it is such a blessing to be able to lay my head down at night and not worry about whether he will make it through it!


Rebecca Foss
​Hi guys, my name's Rebecca and I'm a grateful recovering alcoholic and addict.
I started using pain pills back in 1990 after being hospitalized for spinal meningitis. What started as a legitimate reason, turned into a quarter of a century love, hate affair with a lot of opiates, benzo and alcohol. I did whatever it took and by any means necessary to make sure I had my drug of choice. My addiction lead me to lose everything but my life, and to be honest I can remember at the end, I would drink and take enough pills and pray that I wouldn't wake up. I couldn't stop no matter how many times I promised my family. I couldn't understand why I kept picking up the first one even though I made those promises and meant every word I said. I finally got to the point of surrender by reaching out and asking for help. I went into treatment back in 2012 to be medically detoxed and try and get my life back. Without any support system in place, I came back home and was drinking again back up to my liter a day in no time.
My family was done with me and my husband dropped me off at a local motel and left me there with nothing but the clothes on my back. Within a month I was back in the hospital. I had a moment of clarity, I knew if I was released on my own I would drink again. I reached out to the last person I thought would help and she took me in. When I was at the hospital, a social worker had talked with me and also a person from a 12 step program had introduced herself and shared with me a glimmer of hope.  Ah yes hope, that beautiful word that I had never thought would be a part of my vocabulary every again. 
Today by the grace of God, I have been clean and sober living life on life's terms for close to 2 years. I never dreamed I would be able to do anything without some sort of chemical in my body and the rat race of never having enough to make it through the day. Im so thankful to wake up without being sick. I could go on about the reason I'm thankful today, but the main thing and the ONLY reason that everything thing else happens is because God does for me on a daily basis what I had not been able to do on my own, simply not pick up the first one. Blessings to anyone reading this and if you are at that point of being sick and tired, reach out. Peace be with you wherever you are in your journey today.